Utkala was the name of the present day eastern India state of Odisha (Orissa) along with parts of several neighbouring states.

Utkala – a powerful land in India that had transformed the Emperor Ashoka from Chandashok (evil Ashok) to Dharmashok (peaceful Ashok).

Utkalamrita is a new brand that’s launched by two daughters of Odisha.


Utkalamrita Logo

Utkalamrita is a combination of two significant words- Utkala & Amrita.

Utkala – the land of Utkarsha Kalafinest art.

Amrita – nectar.

Utkalamrita is our sincere attempt to present the handcrafted art treasures of our rich state.

You can order-

  • Traditional art like Pattachitra, Paintings;
  • Home decorative items like idols, fridge-magnets, crafts etc;
  • Jewellery like traditional silver filigree ear-rings, innovative & creative pieces etc;
  • Religious & Spirituality items

We are in the process of adding more in our list as Odisha has so many astounding crafts in store!

Get ready to explore!

Check out our amazing offers today!

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