Xcellent Toshali National Crafts Fair of Odisha!

Odisha is the centre of culture, arts and crafts. Some the most crowded fairs of Eastern India are held here. The 10th Toshali National Crafts Fair is now on at Bhubaneswar’s sprawling Janata Maidan.


Entrance to the gigantic National Fair!

It is a 14 day fair where artisans and craftsmen from entire Odisha and other states set up stalls and showcase the best handicrafts, handlooms, jewellery and lots more. The theme for this year’s fair is ‘Ikat’ or warp and weft weaving style of Odisha.


Stunning Ikat weaves of Sonepur, Odisha!

Starting from 15th December, this fair has already transacted business worth Rs. 5.71 crore and still last few days remain! Handicrafts, handlooms, food, cultural shows – everything at one place! Read more here: http://updateodisha.in/toshali-crafts-mela-odisha-2015-transacts-5-71-cr-attracts-7-63-lakh-people-so-far/


Stylish decoration of xquisite Odisha stoles over painted earthern pots! Ikat sarees are hung in the background!

The food stalls are huge and serve lots of yummy dishes.


Odia dish – Desi Chicken ‘Patrapoda’ or farm fresh chicken mixed with spices and kept inside leafy covering, whole of which is roasted and then the chicken is served piping hot with cut salads over it! Yum!

The sweets are just mind-blowing!


Odia melt-in-the-mouth delicacy – ‘Sara Puli’ or rich cream kept inside a puri..a roll of sweet! 🙂 ‘Chhena payas’ can be seen beside it too in the huge container!

So many eco-friendly crafts delight the eyes and soul!

Tosali_Painted bottles_IMG_20151223_164547

Bottles painted in Odisha’s brilliant ‘Pattachitra’ style!

Honouring the theme of ‘Ikat’ more Handloom stalls add to the magical glory of this fair!

Tosali weaves_iMG_20151223_181307

So many xclusive Odisha Ikat weaves!

While these craftsmen, weavers and artisans produce magnificence in Odisha, we have a tall task of marketing these and creating more usable and innovative products out of these for a global audience.

Do contact us at sabatexports@gmail.com if you need any of these splendid crafts shipped to you or any custom-made item for your use! Merry Christmas to all!

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