Cotton Sarees Cotton Sarees
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Cotton Sarees
Every woman looks graceful draped in those six yards of elegance. And what if it comes in vivid hues with tie and dye weaving (Baandha) from the skillful weavers of Nuapatna, Sambalpur, Boudh, Kotpad, Maniabandha and many more weaving places of Odisha.
Silk Sarees Silk Sarees
New Arrivals
Silk Sarees
Silk Sarees reflect an original style of craft known as Baandha. These sarees feature rich colours of black, white, red and yellow along with traditional motifs like conch, Konark wheel, elephant, lion and flowers with temple borders. Tussar, Khandua, Sambalpuri, Berhampuri and many more elegant silks of Odisha!
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Cotton Sarees
Silk Sarees
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